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What do I need to do to claim a number?
Numara almak için öncelikle sitemize üye olmanız gereklidir. Üye olduktan sonra yönetim panelindeki numara talep et linkine tıklayın. Açılan sayfadaki gerekli alanları eksiksiz doldurarak, numara talebinizi yapın. Müşteri temsilcilerimiz en kısa sürede numaranızı tanımlayarak size bilgi verecekler.
What should I pay attention to when sharing numbers?
There are two main rules you need to keep while sharing numbers. You should not give misleading information by saying "x number of minutes free" or "call this number only x kuruş". The second rule is not to ban unauthorized bulk SMS. Your account will be deleted if these numbers are detected because they are prohibited by law.
Why was my account closed?
You are a member of and you have all the responsibilities for numbers after you receive the number. In case of unauthorized sharing of these numbers, your account will be closed and your payment will be canceled. Unscrupulous shares: In the introduction letter: "Every minute is valid for minutes", "10 minutes for the minute of the call", "The first 10 minutes of the call is free." Shares like this are out of order. In addition to this: you will be responsible if you share your number with someone other than you, "free" or unlawfully. Your account will also be closed on such shares.